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Finding a Pediatrician in Lakewood Ranch

Are you looking for a pediatrician in Lakewood Ranch? There are so many options. But which one is best for your child? That is a tough question to answer with just a single doctor’s name.

Nothing is more important than the health of your child. When you are looking for a pediatrician, you only want the absolute best for your family. But what makes a pediatrician the right fit for your child? Is it just having many years of medical experience, or is there more that comes into play when making this important choice?

While there is no magic formula that makes a doctor the perfect pediatrician, there are some key characteristics that make them amazing at their job. Keep reading to find out the most important characteristics to look for when searching for a pediatrician in Lakewood Ranch.

Good with Kids

If you are looking for a pediatrician, this should be the most obvious trait: good with kids. However, it should not be overlooked based on simplicity alone. When your child is young, they are not an adult and should not be treated as one. Silliness, joy, singing, and games go a long way in helping children become comfortable in a doctor’s office.  

On the other hand, as your child matures into a teenager, it is important that your pediatrician is able to relate to them in a more grown-up manner as well. Those free stickers and lollipops don’t quite cut it anymore with this age group. Teenagers need to feel respected and able to trust their doctor in order to ask personal questions that might affect their health now and later in life.  


As anyone knows that has ever spent time around children, patience is a must with this group! Great pediatricians are patient at all times. They know how to remain calm and in control of a situation in the face of children’s fears, shyness, irritability, restlessness, or extreme excitement. Young patients are often scared of pain or new procedures. Pediatricians must be able to explain what is happening calmly to the child and parent.

This need for patience doesn’t end the child either. Dealing with parents can also require patience as well. When a parent sees their child hurting, it can be hard to remain rational and calm. They may speak out or react with protectiveness that can be misinformed or irrational. In the face of this, pediatricians must continue to exhibit patience with the parents as well.


What goes hand-in-hand with patience? Compassion! If a doctor is going to exhibit patience, he or she also needs to show compassion for the children and family members. When someone is fearful, compassion shows that you understand their feelings and care about helping them resolve those feelings and the situation itself.

Pediatricians need to show sympathy when a patient is in pain—physically or mentally. A great doctor will show that child kindness and care at all times. At the same time, they might need to be gently persuasive when children and parents need guidance on forming healthy habits regarding nutrition and physical activity.


Regardless of their specialty, all doctors should be extremely knowledgeable about the medical field. This is especially true in pediatrics. Medications, conditions, and medical technology are changing on a daily basis. It is important to find a pediatrician who is open to learning this information and staying up to date in pediatrics.

This can be illustrated in the higher prevalence of food allergies over the past couple decades. It is now found that 1 in 13 children have food allergies. In fact, from 1997 to 2011, food allergies among children increased 50 percent! Now for those pediatricians that began their practice twenty years ago, this area of pediatrics has changed drastically.

The above example is just one reason why it is important for pediatricians to always be learning and expanding their knowledge. Here are some ways that doctors can continue to educate themselves on a consistent basis:

  • Reviewing new studies
  • Taking continuing education courses
  • Attending conferences
  • Consulting with other pediatricians and specialized colleagues

Committed to Great Care

All pediatricians should be committed to providing great care to every single patient that enters the door. This can mean different things to different families. However, every parent should feel like they are heard and respected regardless of their beliefs.

Parents should be able to ask questions of the doctors and receive explanations that they understand and with which they are comfortable. Good pediatricians will explain all instructions and procedures without making you feel bad for asking follow-up questions about them.

Here at AllCare, we believe in the importance of medical freedom. Our team believes that parents have a right to be involved in the decisions that are made regarding their child’s medical history. Whether this means following the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule, following a delayed schedule, or choosing not to vaccinate at all, we partner with our families to help them make the best decision for their individual child’s health.


Finally, a great pediatrician is accessible. This doesn’t mean that you can call them at any time of the day or night. However, it does mean that their office has a process for handling questions or concerns at all times, even if it is after hours.

Are You Looking for a Pediatrician in Lakewood Ranch?

Finding the right pediatrician in Lakewood Ranch or the surrounding areas is a big decision. You can find a large number of options throughout Manatee and Sarasota counties. However, do they all exhibit the above characteristics?

When you are looking for the right pediatrician for your child and family, use this list as a starting point while doing your research. If you’d like to learn more about our doctors, give us a call! We’d love to talk with you and answer any questions that you might have.

Once you are ready to book an appointment, you can do so over the phone or by booking it online.