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AllCare has a complete suite of behavioral health services.

At AllCare Medical, what truly sets our psychiatric team apart is our multidisciplinary approach to mental healthcare. Rather than isolating mental health from physical well-being, we have seamlessly integrated our psychiatric team with our medical professionals, offering a holistic approach that many patients find unparalleled in the healthcare field. One of the key aspects that we often emphasize to potential patients is how this integration has led to breakthroughs in mental health treatment.

A staggering 95% of our patients have praised this model, noting significant improvements in ways they hadn’t previously considered. By recognizing the profound connections between mental health and other factors like vitamin deficiencies, food allergies, blood sugar levels, and thyroid conditions, we provide care that’s both comprehensive and refreshing. Unlike many traditional settings, we even conduct specific lab tests related to psychiatric well-being, showcasing our commitment to a truly integrated and holistic approach to mental health.

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