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7 Reasons Why You Need a Family Doctor

Seeing a family doctor has many benefits for your overall health and the health of your family. In fact, studies show that having a doctor who oversees all areas of one’s health leads to lower death rates, improved patient trust with their provider, higher patient satisfaction, and overall better health for the individual.

While there might be many reasons why this is true, here are our top seven reasons why you need a family doctor:

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What Does Mental Health Mean?

When you hear the term “mental health,” what comes to mind? A person dealing with a mental illness? Living stress-free? While society might have confused us with their definition of mental health, let’s discuss what it really is!

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6 Ways to Pick the Right Gynecologist

The question of how to pick the right gynecologist for your situation is a very personal one. No one person’s medical history and situation is exactly like another’s. So, while a particular gynecologist might work for one person, he or she might not work for you.

When researching gynecologists, it can feel overwhelming at times with all of the various options in your area. It doesn’t have to be that way though. So, how do you pick the right gynecologist that makes you comfortable, gives you great medical care, and eases your mind about such intimate matters?

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Does a Vasectomy Hurt?

When the topic of vasectomy comes up, many men involuntarily wince in pain. However, is this the right reaction? Does a vasectomy hurt? And how long does it take to recover from a vasectomy? These are two very common questions that we receive here at All Care Medical Center when a patient inquires about getting a vasectomy.

So, does it hurt a lot? Is the recovery a long process? No and No!

Read on to find out why and what the recovery is really like:

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