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AllCare Medical Centers is teaming up with Alliant University

the nation’s largest provider of licensed clinical psychologists and a leader in mental health education to bring you a new podcast titled “Dear Dr. Matt”.

Be a Part of the Show:

Dr. Matt Nessetti

Many of you know Dr. Matt Nessetti as the founder and Medical Director of AllCare. Dr. Nessetti (Dr. Matt) is a licensed clinical psychologist and (PsyD) and a Medical Doctor (MD) but Dr. Matt also has a strong background in bringing his mental and physical health expertise to the radio airwaves. Dr. Matt co hosted two radio shows that featured call ins from listeners with questions about their health. Dr. Matt will be joined with his former radio cohost and current President and CEO of Alliant University, Andy Vaughn for this weekly show.

The “Dear Dr. Matt” podcast is looking for you!

We need guests on the podcast that fit the topics below. You can remain anonymous if you wish, or if you prefer, be a guest on the show with the hosts to discuss your topic.

The choices are yours on how to participate:

Record your question via smart phone audio recording and text or email it to the show

Text: (941) 271-9961


Appear on the podcast as an invited guest with the opportunity to deeply discuss your topic with Dr. Matt and be able to seek clarifications and ask follow-up questions

Here are the a few topics the show will feature:

Advancements in Cancer Treatments

Chronic Pain: What Are The Options to Treat?

"Help, I'm an introvert living in an extrovert's world!"

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